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Good Areas can be used to describe a outcome that has occurred or to encourage an individual. Can be used in relation to sport, or everyday socialising.
person 1: "Mate i had the best night on Sunday, got on the cans with the boys, got loose, piled in to this bird, then went to the strippers.'
person 2: "good areas!"

or in the context of sport: (in cricket - after a formiddable ball has been bowled from the bowler, encouraging the bowler)
person 1: "good areas shane"

by fame August 03, 2006
Weapon - A highly professional Cricket team located on the north shore of Sydney. Fear is distilled within the opposition weeks prior to the match. The team is thus full of weapons.

Person 1: "Hey Tim, who are we playing in two weeks?"

Person 2: "ummm...The Weapons I Think?"

Person 1: "Shit, they are going to destroy us!"

by fame August 02, 2006
A very small, weird, disoriented individual. Normally these people live in a hut made of straw and use alter egos to communicate and entertain themselves throughout the day. Star Wars characters are most frequnetly used as a source for inspiration, however celebrities and rock stars have known to be used.
Jango Fett:'Ha ha that is so funny, i can't believe the size of it.'

Han Solo:'Boba Fett, Boba Fett...where?'

Boba Fett:'Well thats just to bad, looks like i'll have to man up.'

Yoda:'hmmmmm...small it is, man up you will have to.'

Carson Kressley:'Well i think it looks darn fine, ohhh weeee.'
by fame August 30, 2006
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