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Is an optimistic, and cheerful person. Gabriella's are usually born with the gift of the *gab* Or- Gift of the GABriella.
Most Gabriella's have brown hair and green eyes. Their eyes are the window to exactly what they are feeling. Fiercely loyal, Gabriella's are the best friends you could ever have.
Only downside is that they they are described as -- Niave, or innocent. They are very submissive and look up to, and admire people who they think are stronger or smarter then them. Gabriella's don't usually talk about anyone badly, as they follow the rule * What comes around, goes around*
Gabriella's are awesome.
Person 1-- Omgg look at the puppy dog eyes!
Person 2- Such a gabriella.


Person 1-- Omg she's so...happy!
Person 2-- She's a gabriella, what did you expect?
by falleninlovewithgabriella November 02, 2011

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