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The bassist and primary songwriter of Fall Out Boy. His bass playing skills are less than average with his very simple basslines and is probably in the band because he likes the rush of being on stage (I get the same feeling). His lyrics are good but they are better if you don't automatically say "oh this is fall out boy therefore it sucks". They were mostly written for the emos and those who are very angsty. Oh and the preppy teenage girls (much like my girlfriend) who have no idea what the words mean. Some people don't like his lyrics because it's complicated and uses metaphors and similies and movie quotes. People who listen to music do not want to think if they wanted to think they would be at school therefore to them the lyrics are terrible. He tried to kill himself once. God knows why. He had a picture of his penis released on the internet. People called it a publicity stunt but if someone got hold of my penis pictures i would be very embaressed because my mother should never have to see that. He is currently with Ashley Simpson although that will not last long. Most girls think Pete is the hottest thing ever when he really looks like the monkey's in the Thnks fr th Mmrs video. Other than that I'm sure he is a cool guy. Mostly because he has my name.
Some weird dude: What the hell?! "I loved everything about you that hurts" That makes no sense

Me: That's from the movie Closer.

I have another one that happened at a fall out boy concert with some like 16 yr old girl. True story.

16 yr old girl: (to god knows who) OMG Pete Wentz is sooooo hot (looks at me) Your hot. almost as hot as Pete You two look a lot a like

Me: Esp. with my blonde hair, blue eyes. I have a gf.

16 yr old: So. I'm married to Pete but he wont find out.

The conversation went something like that and I switched sides with my friend
by fallen23 August 15, 2007

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