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The colloquial word used by South Africans to refer to their country. It is the isiXhosa ford for "South Africa".
Welcome to Mzantsi, home of the 2010 World Cup.
by faeriepyrple June 04, 2011
n. Taking the hood of someone's hoodie and pulling it over their head and down really hard.
By wearing that ridiculous hoodie, he was asking for a head wedgie.
by faeriepyrple July 20, 2010
n. The acute embarrassment one receives after having made an embarrassing typo in a highly-visible location, such as one's Facebook status or Twitter tweet.
Person A Facebook status: evolution as a concept does not necessarily preclude Gad

Person B comment: Gad being the 7th son of Jacob, one of the 12 tribes of israel?

Person A comment: status correction coming right up. MAJOR typo blush!
by faeriepyrple July 20, 2010

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