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A dope stoner is someone who smokes dope (meth, crack) without feining for it. As if they were just smoking weed. Not a common breed, seeing as most people that smoke dope are fiends.
"That fool packed a gram in the pipe, took only one hit and let the rest of us smoke it all! Like it really didn't even matter!"

"Yeah, I heard that fool what was a strait dope stoner."
by fade650 February 22, 2010
Basicly means "gimme!" What someone says when they REALLY want something, but no one's giving them anything cuz they can't ask and they never bring anything to the table. Usually a mooch.
Alex: "Hey, does anyone wanna hit this weed? Anyone at all?"
Dave: "Hem, hem, hem!"
by fade650 February 10, 2010

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