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a fake high, usually brought on by considerable amounts of caffeine, an awesome video game, a movie marathon, and 3, 5, and 7 a.m. escapades without sleep, making everything funny, awesome and crazy.
1:58 a.m.
Blake: But why is there an olive in the cocoa!
3:12 a.m.
Zac: Time for a Wegmans run. We should pause Terminator 2 to get some Full Throttle.
5:27 a.m.
Evan: Yo! Did you see that opossum.
7:45 a.m.
All: Duuuuu...uuuude We are so 3/4 half high off nothing!
by facespacer August 09, 2008
n. the act of emptying one's bowels faster than one would their bladder
1 minute before the show
Speed Trudger: Taco Bell might not have been the smartest meal before the concert, but it's nothing a speed trudge can't fix!
24 seconds before the show
ST: Made it!
by facespacer July 28, 2008

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