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To make an offering to someone to consume one's knee length pantalons.
Pardon me sir, but would you be so kind as to eat my shorts?
by fuCKY December 07, 2003
A rake Yoan. Brother of Shovel Yohn.
Rakeyohn is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by fuCKY December 05, 2003
Fuckyouyoufuckinfuck. Holla.
Fuck you you fuckin fuck, dag homie
by fuCKY December 05, 2003
all you mother fuckers are gonna pay once i get to hollywood and find those miramax fucks I'm gonna fuck their mothers while they watch and cry like little bitches then I will make them eat our shit then shit out our shit thaT i MADE THEM eat then all you mother fuckers are next.
Love Elias. The radest dude alive and if you don't know what that means look it up.
by fUCKY April 01, 2004
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