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Opposite of skinny dipping, the action of jumping into a body of water without removing any clothing items.

Made popular by internetainers RHETT & LINK's rap music video, named after the outrageous activity.

No time to strip naked for a swim, phatdipping.

Tom: I fell into the pool at the party with my jacket and shoes on.

Nick: You was phatdippin!
by extrasketchy March 27, 2009
Meaningless talking or texting on a mobile phone, filling the silence or occupying time while waiting.
I was stuck in line so idle chatted with mom about napkins.

Derrick: I spoke to Tara last week on the way to school.

Eric: What did you talk about?

Derrick: Oh... why you can't find blue gummy bears.

Eric: Idle chat then.

by extrasketchy March 16, 2009
Arriving at concept, with more than one person involved.
Building upon some else's original idea.
The study group had the wedea to order food.

Sam: I thought of...

Eric: Hold on, both of us did. It was a wedea.
by extrasketchy March 23, 2009
Not releasing an item from your hand, even if it is not needed or is having a negative affect.

Originating from the story of trapping monkeys. This is done by placing a banana behind a device that a monkey can easily get their hand through. While grabbing the fruit they make a fist that wont allow them to pull out and they wont let go of the banana.

Maybe if you let go of your monkey grip on those groceries you could open the door.

I had a monkey grip on the fork and couldn't catch the dropping plate of food.
by extrasketchy March 23, 2009

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