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A town right out of the Northeast section of philly in the suburbs. Its small but consists of much farmland, country clubs, and cemeteries. Nearly everyone is a spoiled wigger in the township. The guys are fags and think they are the shit. The girls are all bitches and whores. AVOID LM GIRLS IF YOU DONT WANT AN STD!!!!(mainly the girls from the class of 2012, AT, SB, DC, KM, MC, VR, and NP). Everyone from lm thinks they are better then everyone else and always get into fights and end up losing. Fighting a kid from lm is like fighting a dead bird, just kick it, and its pretty much done with.
"did you get with that girl from Lower Moreland?"

"Neh, i dont want herpes"
by ewitsLM June 15, 2009

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