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A Company Of Heroes(PC game) celeb.
No problem in owning you with easy with his tactics.. also known as "Conway tacs", more specificly, What to do when you encounter sandbags
"I owned you with easy"
"Your sandbags didnt know how to stop my mans from going other ways"
"Trucks with mans kills sandbags"
"i did it my way, the conway"
by evotech June 11, 2007
When someone says something in a game is OP or Imbalanced, and nystrom says its fine.

Then, when you challenge him to show him that its OP / Imba, he beats your ass.
evo: "crocs are OP!"
nystrom: "no its not"
evo: "ill show you"
nystrom: "ok"

20mn later

evo: "gg :("


dgn: "lets play 2v2, me and l33tff against you and evo"
nystrom: "ok"
dgn: "what map?"
nystrom: "lorraine"
dgn: "but allies is OP on that map"
nystrom: "well be axis"
dgn: "ok, but well beat you in no time"
nystrom: "hell no, well beat you, and then laugh at you for 2 years"

30min later

nystrom: "told you"
evo: "thats nystrom magic for you"
by evotech September 15, 2007
A homie hipster is someone (in almost every case a person) who are a member of a homie-group and does everything the other homies doesn't and stop doing thing that the other homies do.
example 1. Everyone plays League of legend's

Homie hipster stops playing it or starts to play HoN/DotA

example 2. Homies: Lets play some counter-strike!

Homie-hipster: No.. i've stoped playing that piece of shiii game.
by Evotech July 06, 2012

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