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Prior to this, a novel by William Faulkner chronically the Bundren family after the passing of Addie Bundren, as they try to bring her body back to her hometown and into the dirt she desired. The story is told piecemeal through short bits of alternating first-person narration. While it's no Sound and the Fury, its a bit more urban, since at some point they do arrive in a city...or town maybe.
Yo, Juanita got knocked up and tried for an abortion, but the clinic went all As I Lay Dying on her. (After Dewey-Dell's unfortunate experience)

Why's everybody keep tryin to tell this story? Wh' you foo's think this is, As I Lay Dying or somethin'?

I jus about ready-da pop a cap in someone's ass after that As-I-Lay-Dying road trip with my family.
by evilpigmutant February 24, 2005

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