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Godlike in stature, to walk into a crowded room and the men sit down and the women drop their pants. to be such a viking lord that spiders are scared of you...not the other way around.

Often referred to by scientists as a "finely tuned instrument of the coital arts"

see also: UBER-MAN
"hey dude is that Gene?"

"WHAT!?? RUN!!!"
#amazing #gods #gift #ladies #man #huge #wang
by eville January 22, 2009
The narrow patch of dirt between the edge of the highway and the grass in the median. Traveled mostly by drunks and people who got their drivers license from a gumball machine. Thus the reason this area is worn down to the dirt. If you reach the rumble strip with your passenger side tires you are traveling in the Canadian Fastlane.
Dispatch, send me an extra unit to I75 southbound, old Teds driving in the canadian fastlane again
#canadian #fast #lane #canada #canadain #candian #cnadian #mexico #drunk #driving #beer
by eville February 20, 2011
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