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Bull shit and a complete waste of time. The ultimate social tool; convincing people that there is someone constantly watching them and they will be punished for everything in the end. Provides a guideline for life for people who can't think for themselves. Provides a precise moral handbook (yes, it literally is a book- because all the lessons that life has to offer can be condensed into book), for people who think life is just easier when there is a clear-cut right and wrong. Brainwashes people. Gives people an excuse to avert their eyes from reality. Allows people to justify anything in the world under the guise of righteousness. Helps people who can't handle the truth get through the day. A massive lie that people waste their entire lives on. Responsible for destroying countless cultures and killing millions of people. Now remember, Jesus saves...
Religion is holding everyone back.
by Evil Nemo July 17, 2004
The inherent luck of any Laudick. Essential to finding kick-ass parking spots and winning the lottery. Automatically comes with being born a Laudick.
"Daaaaaaaaaaamn Homie, this is a good parking spot-- Laudick Luck!"
by evil nemo July 06, 2004
To eat something extremely quickly or to eat a lot of something.
"Damn, you crushed that ice cream!"

"You gonna crush that, or can Bob have it?"
by Evil Nemo July 17, 2004

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