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8 definitions by evil monkey

Preferred team of trashy asians and 99.9% of LA's mexican inhabitants. Never go to Dodger Stadium wearing SF Giants or non-USC (i.e. UCLA) paraphernalia, or you will be heckled, mugged, and then raped by a hoard of cholos.
Dodger Cholo 1: yo homie, that bitch is wearing some giants shit
Cholo 2: aiight let's go fuck him up and steal his rims, ese....
by evil monkey October 19, 2004
A little bastard who personifies the stereotypical Asian/Chinese individual (i.e., fucked-up teeth, slanted eyes, inability to speak coherent English, etc.).

That William Hung bastard makes all Asian males look bad. Fucker.
Me: "If i see William Hung in an alley, I'm going to kick his Ricky-Martin-loving-ass"
by evil monkey March 20, 2005
Known for destroying any somewhat popular songs by playing them endlessly. Listen to KIIS for more than 3 hours and you'll have a 90% chance of hearing a song more than once, if not multiple times.
Person 1: What the hell is that noise?
Pre-teen girl: OMG, it's kiis and i love ryan seacrest
Person 1: Turn that shit off, bitch
by evil monkey November 18, 2004
Oakland Raiders. Odds are that a Raiders fan will either be a mexican cholo, a WT (white trash), or a parolee. Raiders fans need to don their bizarre B-movie, science-fiction-like costumes in order to validate their pathetic, minimum-wage earning existence.
Good thing those scumbags left Los Angeles.
by evil monkey October 19, 2004
Nickname for seacrest? That metro fucker jacked by nickname.
seacrest is a feminine bastard.
by evil monkey November 18, 2004
poster on the pantera bulletin board, known for his thread saving abilities and awesome picture threads
www.panterachat.com search ronin
by evil monkey January 09, 2005
A pretty alright band. Issac is flat-out insane.
Damn, they're getting too popular
by evil monkey November 18, 2004