52 definitions by evil

A clip for paper
Person: "I have a paper clip. I think I will use it for clipping paper together!"
by Evil October 18, 2003
A piercing on the labret
Person: "I have a peircing on my labret. Therefore it is a labret piercing. I think I will pull the ring out of my lip and laugh as I bleed profusely."
by Evil October 18, 2003
revolutionary anarchist street tactic where participants engage in direct action against the forces of corporate and state repression, dressing as the indigenous zapatista rebels of chiapas do, in black with bandannas or balaclavas. also the bane of bed-wetting conservatives, cry-baby liberals and ignorant neo-fascists alike, many of whom have been upstaged or bitch-slapped by the black bloc with extreme vigilance.
"The Black Bloc pissed all over George Bush's inaugural parade in January, 2001."
by evil March 30, 2004
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