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When a person puts a metal rake into an electrical circuit, and the electric pulse makes the person violently shake.
This morning I put my metal rake in to an electrical circuit and the high voltage of electrical pluses ran through my body causing me to rake shake.

My brother did the rake shake last night and he almost died.
by Everythingzen February 27, 2015
When a man ejaculates in a woman's anus and then she bends over and squirts it's out.
Zack and Jenny did the poop shooter last night, and Zack said jenny squirted ten feet.
by Everythingzen March 18, 2015
When a two females put oranges in their vaginas and let one male eat them out.
Brianna and Beth did the Florida orange with Stan last night in the hotel room.
by Everythingzen March 13, 2015
an elderly female that has not had dick in a long time and she gets spider web in her vagina.
Larry: Man this lady opened her legs in front of me and she said to fuck her, and I looked down and seen spider webs and I changed my mind. I changed my mind. I said I can't hit that old spider web pussy.
by Everythingzen March 12, 2015
When a man whips a woman in the face with his dick, like it's a pistol.
Ron:I'll dick whip that bitch in the face when she goes to stand down, if she wants to give me head.
Gary: well goddamn.
by Everythingzen March 12, 2015
When a male ejaculates in a females vagina and she sprays the semen out of her vagina on to another females face. You have to have to females and one male do accomplish this act.
Nick and these Chinese twins did the Kentucky wet face and the twins thought that is how you are sopposed to fuck in America.
by Everythingzen March 14, 2015
A slut that has white pail skin, some what thick, and has dyed hair, red, black, blonde.ect. And they fuck anything with a dick, and their vagina smells very sour like rotton milk.
Carmen Nunez and jade brockaus are sour sluts, they done fucked every nigger in the city, and they have no respect for anyone.
Bill: jades vagina is so sour that I throw up my guts everytime I see her, I hate that sour slut.
by Everythingzen March 12, 2015

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