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when you materbate so much or very hard that your dick turns into a big bruise
dude i was materbating so hard i got a mastabruise
by evansl8esl8esl8e January 15, 2009
when ur girl is being a bitch masturbeate when shes asleep and stik her hair up in a mohawlk
dude my girl was being a bitch so a gave her a skeethawlk
by evansl8esl8esl8e January 14, 2009
when u skeet on the tolit rim so some one gets ur skeet on them
dude i toataly just skeetseated him
by evansl8esl8esl8e January 14, 2009
a word used when ur high and want to fuck someone
Man were so wasted i want to fuckadodlido that bitch
by evansl8esl8esl8e January 14, 2009

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