15 definitions by evan met

1. Someone who consistantly goes to MacDonald's atleast once a week.
2. Someone who works at MacDonald's all they're life, this job is usually they're first job.
That fatty is a maclifer, i seen her come in here 3 times this week already.
Sean is a maclifer, all he does is work at macdonalds 24/7
by Evan Met March 09, 2006
a guys name, also sounds alot like harry butthole
man did you see that, it looked like....uuuuhhhhhh harry buttle, ya i know harold buttle
by evan met April 13, 2011
Means, in German: Black Forest, which is then transferred into a man, or women's, hairy ass, cuz its a forest of hairs, that are black. yyyeeeaaahhh.
I have a fucking schwarzwald.
by Evan Met April 29, 2006
the head of a man's penis
I want chode. I love chode. I have a huge chode to compliment my giant penis.
by Evan Met April 19, 2006
when da bitch be on her rag and u eat dat shit out.
Guy: "What do you call it when you eat your women out when shes having her period?"
Me: "You gave yo bitch a red swirl you sick son of a bitch."
Guy: "Yeah, four times this week."
by Evan Met June 27, 2006
A girl who grinds her teeth alone the shaft of a man's penis.
That chick was a grinder, so I gave her a purple mushroom...see purple mushroom for details.
by Evan Met January 12, 2006
when someone is passed out, you stick your asshole directly on the persons nose, then fart, twice.
J-OP got brown nosed at the basketball tournament.
by Evan Met April 29, 2006

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