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When someone is disgruntled, to take the actions necessary to return them to a gruntled, i.e. contented or satisfied, state.
Newscaster 1: "The latest workplace shooting spree appears to be the action of a disgruntled former employee."

Newscaster 2: "What a tragedy that no one made the effort to regruntle him before he bought that AK-47."

Newscaster 1: "Ha ha ha, a tragedy indeed. And now here's Dave with the weather..."
by Evac156 February 24, 2005
Female pubic hair groomed so that there is just a single vertical line down the center. So named because it has been popularized by strippers and nude dancers. Synonymous with a landing strip.
She didn't want to go for a full wax job, so she's trying stripper fur instead.
by Evac156 February 22, 2005
A person who has far too many issues. One who is overloaded with angst. Derived from the fact that a magazine stand (in the non-slang sense) is a place where one can find many issues (also in the non-slang sense) of various periodicals.
"I had dump my girlfriend. She had way too many issues."

"Issues? She was a magazine stand!"
by Evac156 February 24, 2005
To waste time. A cute way of saying "fart around." Combination of "circum-" meaning "around" as in "circumnavigate" and "flatulate," to fart. Usually good for a chuckle the first time someone hears it. Akin to circumfornicate, but less harsh and easier to explain in polite company.
You guys had better stop circumflatulating and get some work done.
by Evac156 February 09, 2005
Adjective. Descriptive of a woman who is small enough to be carried around during sex, while being penetrated. Similar to a spinner. The most interesting position for a portable woman is the walking 69, usually seen in porn videos. Do not attempt this at home.
She's so small, she's completely portable, so we walked all over my apartment while we fucked.
by Evac156 February 17, 2005
In poker, a full house or full boat made up of cards of very low rank. The low valued cards are themselves referred to as rags, but when they become part of a full boat, they suddenly become a very strong hand. A rag boat generally occurs when a player finds himself involuntarily playing a very bad hand, or chooses to play them with the knowledge that it's a very bad gamble. Therefore, a rag boat is mostly luck. A rag boat also occurs in the sense of a hand that would have been made if such a bad gamble had been taken, but wasn't.
Player 1: "If only I'd played that three-eight, I would've ended up with a full boat and won."

Player 2: "It was better to fold, you'll go broke hoping for a rag boat."
by Evac156 February 24, 2005

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