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The first "O" in the second Microsoft logo. It has horizontal lines through it and a hole in the center. First introduced in 1982, retired in 1987. Now only memorialized by the "Save the Blibbet" campaign and honored by the Blibbet Burger served on Microsoft's campus.
At one point, I had a "save the blibbet" button, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find it.
by euphgeek October 04, 2007
It's OK If You're A Democrat. Spoken by bitter racists trying to make a false equivalency between minor infractions committed by members of the Democratic Party of the United States and the raging hypocrisy, racism and bigotry that is part and parcel of the Republican Party, yet excused every day by members of the party and the "liberal" media.
Wingnut #1: *Gasp* Harry Reid said something vaguely insulting about black people, then he apologized and the liberal media isn't crucifying him!

Wingnut #2: IOKIYAD!
by euphgeek January 21, 2012

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