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3 definitions by etymographer

v. To be the first to use something.
Derived from the experience of being the first to get into a new jar of peanut butter, thus being the one to get the smooth off the top.
John bought a new car, but he let Shirley get the smooth off by driving it first.
by etymographer October 24, 2006
2 1
How popular munchies satisfier doo-dads reads upside-down. Most common occurrence of this phenomenon is the stoner opening the bottom of the box instead of the top, therefore having to keep the box upside-down to prevent munchie spillage.
Dude, pass the spap-oop. I got serious munchies.
by etymographer July 27, 2006
5 4
To bogart the munchies that were bought at the grocery store, namely Kroger.
Dude, don't Krogart the doo-dads.
by etymographer July 26, 2006
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