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Indulging in an exorbitant quantity of food, outside of any meal time, and hiding the fact that you have just scoffed an amount of food that would feed a small town in Kenya.
It's 4pm and Louanna has once again found herself in the stationary cupboard in the office, hiding away from her colleagues, as she stuffs her face with a large serving of McDonald's fries. Louanna is clearly displaying the behaviours of a shame eater.
by Etak_soda September 07, 2011
A male subject who chooses to keep his cock inside a vagina post sexual intercourse, purely for the sake of keeping his member at a pleasant temperature.
Chic says "So hun, are we done?", as he lays on top of her. Dude says "Nah, my fella needs to be a cock warmer for a bit longer."
by Etak_soda September 08, 2011
A situation arising from a relationship which is encourtering difficulty, where the one responsible for causing the turmoil does not end the relationship. Rather, the one in love and wanting the relationship to continue, ends the relationship as there is clearly no possibility for reconcilliation.
I think that dumping yourself is the only way that will prevent any further heartache, despite how much you love him.
by Etak_soda August 21, 2011
When sent in a text message, with no accompanying message, meaning that you are as ripe as pie for a booty call.
Amelia texted "?" to Shane. His response was instantaneous, "tell me when and where, i'll be there."
by Etak_soda December 06, 2011
A person whom upon entering a room of people, has the innate ability to withdraw all feelings (both negative and positive) from those already present in the room. The effects of a mood-sucker on the recipients are depression, boredom and a complete lack of interest in all things to do with life in general.
The moment she entered the room, you could tell she was a mood-sucker.
by Etak_soda August 21, 2011
The first sexual encounter one experiences after ending a marriage, which is rough, to-the-point, and pursposeful in that this is the first of many sexual encounters now that she or he is free.
My marriage ended 6 months ago (yipppeeee!!!) and I need some brokenoutofcagesex.
by Etak_soda September 08, 2011
Having a ciggie break purely as a means to bitch about office politics.
That's it! I need a cigerant! Anyone want to join me?
by Etak_soda September 07, 2011
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