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A large brightly colored bottle used for identification purposes so that American students can find other American students while abroad. Other uses include the transportion of liquids.
"Uh, hi, I couldn't help but notice your Nalgene... so where do you go to school?"
#college #abroad #americans #study abroad #id
by Estrella April 01, 2006
an enormous backpack, or purse
look at adriel's douche...it's huge!
by estrella December 10, 2003
The vampire child from anne rice's "The vampire chronicals". Made by the vampire lestat to keep louis from leaving him alone. She is forever doomed to stay in a 6 year olds body, even when she has a 60 year olds mind. She gets murdered by "theatre des vampires" because she attempts to kill the vampire lestat.
Shes also played by a young Kirsten Dunst in the movie " Interview with the vampire"
Claudia goes insane with the fact her body can't grow older.
#vampire #anne rice #kirsten dunst #lestat #louis
by Estrella June 16, 2006
Lame band which copied a lot of stuff from the gods we know today as coheed and cambria.They stole parts of the story line, some riffs and even some of the coheed symbols.Even the shortening of the first letters they stole ( C&C...A&A)
Angels and airwaves are a cheep ripoff. I loathe them because they TRIED to copy the genius of claudio sanchez, Josh eppard, Travis Stever and Mic Todd
#coheed and cambria #claudio sanchez #emo #lame #plagurism
by Estrella June 17, 2006
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