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"You gotta step it up"

The latest variation of "I seriously hope you guys don't do this" (ISHYGDDT) and used in the same manner to indicate that someone is doing something that is wrong, lackluster, or outdated. First appeared on /sp/ in January of 2012. Posting the George Costanza face or a similar reaction image with it is recommended.
>putting your bread in the fridge

>not tipping the pizza guy

>watching television in standard definition
by Esspee February 11, 2012
really cool Indian last name, they were priests and educated upper class in older times; a Shastry is hard to find, seeing as it's not really a popular name.
Dude 1: Wow, those kids are so cool!
Dude 2: Well yeah, they're Shastrys.
by esspee May 31, 2009

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