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I seriously hope you guys don't do this. Mainly used on 4chan to express that something you have said/done is wrong.
Anonymous1: Hey guys, is the Ipad 2 worth getting?

>still using Apple products
by Naixis July 31, 2011
"I Seriously Hope You Guys Don't Do This"

A meme that originated on the 4chan board /sci/ in 2011.
Often accompanied by a picture of George Costanza from the show "Sienfeld" with a perplexed look on his face.
Used to show contempt for a statement made by someone often on an image board.
Often preceded with a ">" to make the post greentext and the year.
OP: "Should I get a degree in Philosophy or Psychology?"

Reply: ">Getting a degree in the humanites
by Dr Richard July 31, 2011
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