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Inability to think of anything to blog about.
I am suffering from the worst case of blogger's block ever. I haven't posted anything for over two months.
by esfingecolibri November 11, 2007
In blogspeak, a feeling of anger caused by being tagged to do a meme.
He felt the meme-wrath welling up inside him, after being tagged to do yet another meme.
by esfingecolibri November 11, 2007
To put off blogging because you are suffering from blogger's block.
I have nothing to blog about, so I'll just blogcrastinate until some good blog fodder comes along.
by esfingecolibri November 11, 2007
Weight gain in the gluteal region which is directly related to spending large amounts of time blogging.
Susan realized she would have to spend less time blogging and more time exercising to keep from getting blogger's butt.
by esfingecolibri November 11, 2007

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