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Four letter acronym for Strokes Imaginary Beard Slowly. Performed by placing your palm on your chin, your fingers and thumb on your face, and pulling downward until your forefinger and thumb touch, and repeat.

This action of ponderance, is often performed while considering email, blog posts, digital information, and urban dictionary submissions.

It is most often used at the end of an email, comment, or Instant message. Much like LOL, TIA, ROTFLMAO.
(In response to request for a date to the office clown via IM)

OfficeHottie: So you say I am a hottie and you want to wine and dine me, eh?
I will get back to you.

by Esau Kessler January 13, 2006
verb. 1. The opposite of discombobulate. To compose, or to leave confusion. 2. To leave a state of bewilderment and enter a state of rightness. 3. To full on thrash befuddlement.
"After a slight mix up I was able to full on bobulate with 'Nicksters at the record label."
by Esau Kessler May 14, 2007
The sore, unclean, be-dingleberried, condition off ones posterior after sitting for a long drive, plane, or train ride.
"Let me get a shower and change of clothes as I am suffering from a case of serious travel butt."
by Esau Kessler January 13, 2006
verb - To have ones tumblr blog reviewed on another blog.
My friend's blog got tumblrd and now his traffic is wicked awesome.
by Esau Kessler August 16, 2007
1. A symbol, logo, or mark that represents action or activities of a said person, organization, or business entity.

2. To use video, animation, webdesign, and graphics to solidify a message, theme, or identity.
Allegiance to my corporate community was made real once our identity had achieved true motionfuse.
by Esau Kessler April 10, 2006
1. The incedental act of following someone from activity to activity. Like seeing them in a mall and then at the movie theatre. (3rd degree copystalking is unusual, and in most cases constitutes stalking.)

2. The act of following someone from activity to activity for mere entertainment. Ordering the same drink as someone and then sitting nearby and talking about the same topic they are.
(After seeing the same couple at a previous thriftstore)"Gosh, your copystalking me."
by Esau Kessler April 11, 2006
1. All the words of a non-language.
2. A sum of words not understood by most persons or groups.
3. Descriptive words that are a mix or mash of other words, or that do not exist. Often times these words are confusing but can be quite amusing.
4. Much of the words logged in the Urban dictionary.

In connection with but not to be confused with promispronunciation. In connection with but not to be confused with brandulary.

(From a bubbling non-cola refreshment "UN", from Old French from and Medieval Latin "vocabulaire", "vocbulrium")
1."Hanging out with my children is a learning experience as they are often spewing uncabulary"

2. "Learning coffee uncabulary is challenge as one coffee shop calls it 'mondo' and another 'shot in the dark'."
by Esau Kessler April 11, 2006

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