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A philosophy which emphasizes the importance of choice. It suggests that we only exist (as human beings) if we make our own decisions independently of outside influence. However, while this freedom allows us complete control over our own destinies, it also suggests that we are the sole control over our destinies and are, as a result, isolated from God, society, and ourselves. This leads many to the conclusion that existentialism is depressing.
Officer: go over there!

Guy1: No.

Guy2: Just do what he says man.

Guy1: No I believe in existentialism. I make my own decisions.
by ersher August 28, 2008
the tiny little guys from Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who". All they wanted was some to listen to them.
wow, that thing is smaller than a Who!
by ersher June 13, 2007
The study of Joe, that is, anybody and everybody named Joe, as well as the name Joe and its impact on society.
1.) I know this guy named Joe so well, it's like I'm studying Joeology.
2.) Joe majored in Joeology at the University of Joe in Joestown.
by Ersher May 09, 2008
Someone who uses Urban dictionary to write bogus definitions that have nothing to do with the word/term or generally fail to define the word/term to any accurate degree what so ever.
Dude1: Hey dude look at this defintion I wrote for pi!

"I like pie!"

Dude2:Dude what does THAT have to do with pi?! Your such an Urban Dork...
by ersher August 28, 2008
1.) to make fun of a show on television
2.) to watch a show for the specific purpose of making fun of it.
John: Hey dude, are you watch Dora the Explorer?!
Jim: Relax man, I don't really like this show I'm just telemocking it.
John: don't you have anything better to do?
Jim: Nope
by ersher February 24, 2008

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