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- adj 1. Someone who is socially and intellectually innovative, and unique; often someone who exists on a fine edge between being considered odd, but doing it in such an innovative way, and with smarts that it is perceived with respect, and seen as 'cool'; someone who is edged is often also sXe, or straightedge (clean and sober; see: ‘edge’ definition 5); 2. often someone who is on the social periphery, but perceived as 'cool' in being so; someone willing to take social risks, as in the traditional definition of edge as in being in a precarious position, or 'living on the edge,' but in social terms, confident in ones uniqueness, or ‘different-ness,’ unafraid to stand out in a crowd and be ridiculed (those ridiculing often seen as conservative, culturally closed, intellectually unsophisticated, rednecks, bogans); 3. the inverse of someone 'edge' who is perceived as socially uncool, and anti-social (see: ‘edge’ definition 2), by although perceived by some as 'odd' or 'different,' respected by others as a social risk taker, standing social ground by redesigning what is the nature of 'cool' through defining themselves, and living 'outside of the box'; 4. someone who has a social edge, as in the traditional definition of having a margin of superiority, or advantage ('having a slight edge over the competition'), but in terms of social coolness and innovation, that despite being ridiculed by some will stand apart in history as cool; 5. a creative act ahead of its time, often ridiculed at the time of conception but revered later as unique and innovative; 6. an action taken by someone that at one time would have been considered 'uncool,' or ridiculous, but is now considered 'cool,' smart, and often socially courageous.

- First guy: "That guy is so weird he's edged." Second guy: "Yeah. Freakin' cool."
- "You remember when Fonzy in Happy Days went back to school and most people questioned whether it was cool, but then Fonzy declared it cool?" Second guy: "Yeah, that was so edged."
- "Marcel Duchamp's 1917 art piece "Fountain," a signed urinal, was ridiculed when first shown but it was so edged for its time."
by errantshade October 06, 2006
1. Someone taking psychiatric medication. 2. A psychiatric patient.
He had some sort of breakdown and is now on a bunch of meds. Yeah, a real laced banana.
by errantshade July 20, 2008
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