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3 definitions by erkwon

a sexual position where in doggy style the man puts his knee on the small of the womans back, reaches over and fishhooks her and pulls back like he is trying to reel in a fish.
Ray: Hey Evan why is your finger all messed up?

Ben: Oh you didnt hear?!?!?!

Evan: She bit my finger mid bass master.
by erkwon August 16, 2008
uni-testicular vacation. when one of a mans testicles spends some time hidden in his body as opposed to being home in his scrotum.
i cant make it to work today ive had utv all weekend and my nut still isnt back
by erkwon August 17, 2008
the philosophy of life during winter season when you practice the art of snowboarding.
ride or die homie t's winter.
by erkwon December 21, 2008