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Using a condom or pill during sex so a baby is not conceived, an STD is not transmitted. However, it is kind of an oxymoron:
Donald discovered that safe sex is not really safe after his girlfriend, Katherine, choked on his condom and died.
by Erika July 24, 2004
Function: noun
a: singer, guitar player, bass player, and keyboard player for the band Rilo Kiley.
b: extra vocals for Cursive, Postal Service, etc.
c: attress
b: cute red head
Who's the girl in Rilo Kiley?
Jenny Lewis.
by erika February 09, 2005
A FPS game made by Epic Megagames as a multiplayer version of the game Unreal.
In Unreal Tournament, the InstaGib Rifle and Redeemer r0x0rz my b0x0rz
by Erika January 19, 2004
A good emo-indie band that I happen to enjoy. Includes 5 guys fron Kansas.
The Get Up Kids get me up in the mornings.
by Erika November 03, 2003
drunk to the sweet-spot point, where you just barely lose control of your limbs
Her dancing became a whole lot more interesting once she was tossed.
by Erika August 30, 2003
something a person says when they have no better come-backs
susy: bob-you're fat.. lose weight
bob: i weigh less than you do!
susy: psh.....
by erika October 12, 2003
A mountain where everyone is gay.
You come from the gayzor mountains where everyone is gay.
by Erika December 12, 2004
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