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8 definitions by erik f. neumann

The sun after a long night of much drugs and alchohol. especially when it comes as a surprise that the sun is up all of a sudden.
check it. we is going to party to we see God's Flashlight
by erik f. neumann February 08, 2005
someone who loves to drink robitussin and does it all the time.
naww dood, he's cool. he used to be a tussketeer in the day.
by erik f. neumann February 08, 2005
The ghost coast is a very unusual phenonemon that occurs when drinking large amounts of robitussin. It is when someone begins automaticly walking in a certain direction as if compelled by an unseen force. Its called ghost coast because you seem to be floating or coasting along with no effort. I believe it is caused by a heavy gravity of a future event pulling one toward it. Or it could be like if you read an email from yourself from the future, you would have no choice but to write that email at the time it came from and send it. the fact that you saw it leaves you no choice but to write it. You would coast to the computer at the appropriate time and write the email automaticly. People who are coasting often have their arms out in front of them like a zombie. They do this unconsciously which makes me wonder where the whole cliche came from of zombies holding their arms out like that. maybe once there really was dead folks whose time was messed up and they were being pulled by the Magnet. Robitussin effects the time/space orientation portion of the brain which happens to be the religious portion of the brain.
Holy piss! I was tussin rockets last night, I even did the ghost coast!
by erik f. neumann May 03, 2006
when your robitussin wears off in the morning and your body feels the depletion of energy.
there are 2 ways out of buttworld, sleep or more tussin.
by erik f. neumann February 08, 2005
Cloud 5 refers to the high felt when one drinks a 5 oz bottle of Delsym cough syrup.
Piss! we was on cloud 5 till we seen God's Flashlight.
by erik f. neumann February 08, 2005
affectionate word for robitussin generally used by those who enjoy drinking it for fun.
hey man, you wanna drink tuss tonight? piss yeah d00d!
by erik f. neumann February 08, 2005
to stuff a girl's vagina with piping hot quaker oats and then porky piggin' that shit.
me: "dude i had breakfast with your sister yesterday"

you: "yeah?"

me: "yeah, i gave her a wilford brimley."
by erik f. neumann December 27, 2007