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Technology not so much hippie in origin as hippie in use. A way to live life based on hippie philosophy (Turn on, tune in, drop out" Timothy Leary, 1967) realized using 21st century tech.

Being able to travel permanently around the country in an RV while maintaining an online life for income. Using market capitalism to be free like an anarchist.
Guy: "How can you travel year round and follow all the concerts, festivals and Be-ins and also go to all the Ren Fairs? Don't you have to be rich to do that?"

Me: "My hippie girl and I are no where near rich cat! Thanks to Hippie Tech like 4G, twitter, blogs, etsy, eBay and virtual commuting/contracts we can do whatever the hell we want, wherever and whenever! You grok me brother?"

Guy: "Far out man!"
by eprankster February 24, 2013
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