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3 definitions by emmccarty

A clothing store, owned by Abercrombie and Fitch, that sells high-quality clothes for children up to age 14. Its name is always spelled with a lower case a. Although prices are relatively high, items often go on clearance and become affordable, and their original prices aren't much more than those of Gap and L.L. Bean. It is one of the few places to purchase "designer clothes" for children.
Mrs. Dussel: I would love to buy my children's clothes from abercrombie kids, but it is just so expensive.
Mrs. Burch: Just wait until they go on clearance, then you can buy them for Target prices.
Mrs. Dussel: That's great advice.
by emmccarty October 14, 2007
Animated cartoon show that told old testament stories with vegetables as the characters.
Did you see that episode of Veggie Tales with a tomatoe names Moses?
by emmccarty November 21, 2007
Vegetables, fruits, etc. sold in a grocery store.
Boy: Where can i find tomatoes?
Grocery Clerk: In the produce section.
by emmccarty November 21, 2007