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3 definitions by emmaruby

The condition in which one's teeth spontaneously become molten or liquid in a nature similar to that of lava.
"He was a good kisser, except for the lava teeth"
by emmaruby January 03, 2008
11 4
A rarely dangerous, but often bothersome medical phenomenon in which molten rock is violently projected from the mouth. Generally associated with Lava Teeth dental disorder or the gum disease known as Gingivitis.
"Sweetie, my penis feels a bit charred."

"Oops! Must have been the Magma Mouth."
by emmaruby January 03, 2008
8 3
The resultant cleaning of one's sinuses after an explosive sneeze with your mouth closed
"Wow, George, did you just fart out of your nose?"

"Nope. That was just another sinus blaster."
by emmaruby March 21, 2008
2 1