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From the Old German Root language, it means "Nurse". She is loving & caring and has endless energy.
Emma always will help me out when I am not feeling so great.

She will work till the end of her tasks, she never gives up.

Emma respects all her surroundings and is a loving person. She'd make a great friend for anybody.
by emma0726 April 12, 2009
A Japanese term for "I'm about to leak!" When you really have to go to the bathroom badly, Moreso is a word you scream out to describe how much you need to go to the bathroom and that you can no longer hold it!

If you have to pee, Moreso is the word to use!
Veronica: MORESO!
Jann: Huh?
*Veronica Runs to Restrooms*

Japanese Class
Sensei: Konichiwa
Kelly: Moreso!
Sensei: Hai. *Bows*
*Kelly runs out the door to use washroom facilities*
by emma0726 April 12, 2009
An old Shakespeare term of disagreeing, saying "No."

You will find it in the book "A MidSummer Night's Dream" when Hermia, Helena, Lysander & Demetrius are having an argument due to a certain potion used by Puck and Oberon.
Bella: Nay, I didnt do that!

Charlie The Unicorn: Nay!
by emma0726 April 12, 2009
A person that is down to earth. They try hard to exceed their goals and never give up. They spend their times outdoors or helping out around town, even at home.

A person that is Palkash often tends to be independent. They are friendly but shy. They'd rather avoid human drama and enjoy the things life has to offer. They believe life is short and no moments of it should be wasted.
Wow! That person is very Palkash.

Today I plan to be more Palkash than just sitting around eating chips and playing Nintendo.

I feel i've wasted my life on social drama, I need to become more Palkash. That way I will finally figure out who I truly am and avoid the drama that goes around.
by emma0726 April 12, 2009
- Someone who is BOOT SLAPPIN' hilarious!

- Someone who is Groovy

- Somebody who is fun to be around

- When someone tends to be quite the hoot.
You are quite the SpankyDoodle!

Sally... She is such a SpankyDoodle! I love her!
by emma0726 April 12, 2009
Basilina is a name, normally used for a bird. (cockatiel)

It means they are Fun, Crazy and Free-Spirited.

They are really fun to be around, energetic yet they do tend to have a nervous side around strangers they dont know. They are also a total klutz.
Have you met Basilina yet? She is my Best friend!

Wow that girl is quite a Basilina!

I wish my name was Basilina!
by emma0726 April 12, 2009
A word used when somebody is shocked/surprised.

It can be used in a good way or a bad way.

Elmeroko that is a beautiful tree!

Elmeroko!!! A diamond ring?! You shouldnt have!
by emma0726 April 12, 2009

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