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Man sandals(flip flops for guys). Makes you look BAD metro, gay, and sexually undesirable if your toes are ugly. See fauxhawk
Barbi's bf ken wears mandals!
I wear mandals cause Im from brasher!
I wear mandals cause the men like it (cause my toenail polish is pretty!)
by emazing and locky May 22, 2005
The most popular delicacy found in Brasher. If you're lucky, some restaurants include cream and sugar to dip it with!
Brasher guy 1: Holy haybarrels, I found a quarter on the floor!
Brasher guy 2: Is that enough for a beaver?!?!?!?!?
Brasher guy 1: Yessum!
by emazing and locky June 21, 2005
simply: A fake mohawk. The hair is combed up to a point. A fauxhawk makes you look gay, BAD metro, and coneheaded. If you had any balls you'd shave the sides.
I have a fauxhawk cause my mom picks out my clothes. I have a fauxhawk cause the men like it. I have a fauxhawk cause Im too lame to shave the sides. My head comes to a point because I have a fauxhawk. I have a fauxhawk cause Im from brasher
by emazing and locky May 22, 2005

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