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the finest state in this fine country. i live there, there isnt a place like it. i love the accents, the food, the hills, and the people are so damn friendly. you idiots have never walked up a holler in fall have you? looked out your window at roads slicing through the hills after winter and seen waterfalls everywhere. in my town, i know everyone and everyone knows me.
i'm from kentucky. i am intelligent. you can kiss my COUNTRY ass
sweet home kentucky, where the grass is blue.
by elysiatheamazing November 15, 2007
a sign that you want out of the conversation or wish to leave present company. named for the double pat on the back given when someone wants out of the hug they're trapped in.
kate: and then we went to the pet store. i bought a gold fish and named it dori. which doesn't really make sense, i mean, dori's blue!

mark: cool.

kate: was that a double pat?
by elysiatheamazing June 25, 2009
instead of learning, you use a pencil as a skateboard. you can make all sorts of obstacles with your text books and other school supplies. in my school it is a crime punishable by detention to do it in classrooms. so the pencil boarders do it in detention.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=apc32MGlpxI is where you can see mechanical pencil boarding at its finest.
by elysiatheamazing May 25, 2008

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