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Any mental task, lesson, game, puzzle, complicated book or other mentally difficult thing that is fascinating but becomes hard to comprehend after awhile, sending one into a confused state known as brain melt.
"I've tried to read 'A Brief History of Time' but after about the first few pages I just go into brain melt."
by eloiserat July 24, 2009
Something you say when something really unusual happens.
(It is not necessary for your mother to actually be present.)
"Hey, my insurance company actually lowered my premiums this year."
"Mommy, I'm scared."

"I got in and out of DMV in 5 minutes."
"Mommy, I'm scared."

"Hey, this urban dictionary definition actually fits."
"Mommy, I'm scared."
by eloiserat February 27, 2010
Refers to the smoking of cannabis in order to make bad television tolerable.
"Oh, god, are you watching this again? I'm going to need some television enhancement."
by eloiserat July 24, 2009
Sugar or sugar-filled foods, especially when consumed in excessive amounts that is unhealthy. "Twinkage" is a mix of the words "tweaker" and "twinkie", implying sugar as a drug, especially as used by children.
"Good god, let's get out of here, the kids have been eating twinkage all day and soon the screaming will begin."
by eloiserat July 24, 2009
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