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A cheesy pop singer that is famous for no good reason. She also has a really horrible voice.
Ke$ha fan: Have you heard that song Tik Tok? Its really amazing.

Me: I only listened to like 15 seconds of it. It was horrible.

Ke$ha fan: Fuck you! She is really talented!

Me: You think she's talented? She can't even sing! Go listen to some real music!
by elmacko May 05, 2010
A response for "What's up" when you have a boner
Girl: What's up?
Guy: My penis.
Girl: *Looks down* Pervert!
Guy: Well it's better than not much.
by elmacko November 08, 2011
A response when someone uses the insult "Suck my dick, my balls etc."
person 1: I hate singing!
person 2: Cause you can't sing.
person 1: Suck my dick.
person 2: You'd like that, wouldn't you?
by elmacko April 10, 2011
When some one clicks a pen for the hell of it or to annoy someone.
Mike: *Clicks pen*
Sally: Stop that pen-clicking!
by elmacko May 19, 2010
When someone wears sunglasses while having sex to prevent themselves from getting cum in their eyes.
Alice put her cumglasses on in fear of getting jizz in her eye.
by elmacko May 14, 2012
A penis. Man-udder is usually referred to masturbation or handjobs since it resembles milking a cow.
My girl kept yanking my man-udder 'til my milk went on her face.
by elmacko December 17, 2012
Term for masturbation.
I caught my friend whipping the cream and asked me if I wanted it on my dessert.
by elmacko October 15, 2012

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