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derived from the verb "imbibe", imbibement refers to the object of what is denoted by the verb. In other words, imbibements are the substances consumed during the act of drinking, soaking up, or absorbing (i.e., imbibing).

Imbibements often refer to beverages, especially of the alcoholic type
The party had a fine selection of imbibements, including wine, beer, and virgin margaritas.
by elle renae February 21, 2011
someone who litters his writing with parenthetical information (information inside parentheses, be it a side note, background info, or explanation much like this one)
I hate when writers provide us with their each and every thought in parenthetical form, to the extent that the inner-parentheses word count is higher than the actual text! Parenthetical whores!
by elle renae June 14, 2010
A schmuck of a model, most often a fashion model. She's conceited, pushy, lacks an awareness for the meaning of "punctual", often is a no-show, and usually demands more money than she's worth. Other girls may refer to her as "skinny bitch" or "model whore", even though the latter is not entirely accurate at times (but most often it is).

A schmodel's diet consists mainly of vodka and cigarettes.

A schmodel may also be male. But male fashion models are harassed enough as it is, so the above description is for the female variety of schmodels. However, the likelihood of a male schmodel being referred to as "skinny bitch" and "model whore" is just as great as that for the female schmodel.
Photographer: "First she showed up three hours late for the shoot, and then that damn schmodel demanded I get her an iced chai latte with exactly four ice cubes (no more, no less) before she'd even sit down for makeup!"
by elle renae June 14, 2010
used to describe someone who is optimistic that he will "get lucky". Most often refers to situations such as bars and clubs. (see Boff for more detailed explanation of the particular nature of this act). In a sense this means "wishful thinking" in regard to sex.
Daniel was feeling rather boftimistic, so he brought a few extra condoms with him to the club.
by elle renae August 02, 2010
also: "FDF"-faux pas

Different than a simple "First Date Fuck", or "FDF", a First-Date-Fuck faux pas is generally a mistake in retrospect, usually because it ruins the chances of an actual relationship developing and leads to nothing more than FWB or multiple NSA sex encounters.

Fucking on the first date is generally regarded as "FDF" by males and "FDF-faux pas" by females.
Due to my tendency to have first-date-fuck faux pas, I am destined to be single forever. But the sex is great.
by elle renae June 14, 2010
A model whose most obvious quality (after being a skinny bitch) is that of a whore.

"Model whore" is often what fat girls, ugly girls, and/or insecure girls use to describe models. The model need not be an actual whore in this case.
"She thinks she's all that just because she's in a few magazines. Well, she's a whore. A model whore."

"That model whore wears the same size clothing as my baby sister."
by elle renae June 14, 2010

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