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2 definitions by elev8me

verb: absolute, total, unrepentant, unrelenting attraction to the best looking Southern bad boy you have ever seen, the one your mamma told you about, the one who is so freakin wrong but so freakin right, the guy around which you have no brain, a complete loss of the capacity to think in full sentences involving prepositions or pronouns or even dangling modifiers.

verb: a brain turned to gelatinous goo by a hot southern bad boy
I was at the Cowboy Bar last night and got all Sawyered over Billy Joe Bob's cousin.

Jenny got all Sawyered on Billy Joe Bob's cousin.

by elev8me November 13, 2006
The inevitable point in any original syfy movie where the cgi character rises straight up and eats the human victim.
Ben: "Did u see mega python vs gatoroid the other night"
Tim: "Aw, yea man! The upchomp that got tiffini was killer!"
by Elev8me September 15, 2013