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When something is not shipshape, i.e. it is in bad shape, is disorderly or untidy.
John: Boy, things aren't looking great over in Greece.

Sam: Yeah, their economy isn't in great condition.

John: More like shitshape condition.
by elefb November 12, 2011
The ill-effects one has after eating very hot or spicy food; food blowback which burns.
Dude, I had such burnback after that curry I had last night, no-one could go in the bathroom for the rest of the day.
by elefb April 10, 2009
Someone who tries to get you to become friends with their friends.
Phil is such a friend pusher. I went to a bar last night to have a quiet drink with him and he had also invited these friends of his he keeps on saying I'll get along with.
by elefb April 27, 2009
A positive review you give to a movie, book, TV series or CD that you don't like but which a friend has recommended to you, usually because you don't want to hurt their feelings.
Rod: I watched that movie The Departed last night which John lent me.
Tom: What did you think?
Rod: I hated it.
Tom: Oh boy, he loves that movie. What did you tell him?
Rod: I told him it was great.
Tom: You gave it a friendly review, huh?
Rod: Yeah, you know what he’s like.
by elefb August 13, 2009

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