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A metaphorical "eye". Attributed to ESP, precognition (seeing the future), etc. In yoga, it is the Ajna Chakra located in your forehead abotu 1/2 inch above and between your eyes. In Exo-Psychology, it is the 6th brain, defined as "the nervous system becoming aware of itself apart from imprinted gravitational reality-maps". Basically that means that it is the point where the brain is aware of itself programming itself.

See metaprogramming
Thanks to peyote and LSD, i was able to pry open my 3rd eye
by electroshaman July 06, 2004
The Atropa Belladonna plant, its seeds contain Atropine and Scopolamine, two very hallucenogenic chemicals. An extremely heavy trip, often so heavy that you will wake up the next day temporarily completely amnesic, and it is easy to die from overdose. Also, it will fuck up your sight pretty badly for the next 3 days. Not a recommended trip, unless you have nothing to live for.
I took some datura seeds, and spent all day talking to my laundry basket.
by electroshaman July 06, 2004
The point at which "a programmed system begins to program itself." Metaprogramming begins in that split second when a pre-scripted program consciously begins to rewrite itself, setting aside the reward/punishment systems it was imprinted with.

In humans, this means "real" rebellion. To go against all you have been taught and truly start making decisions for yourself.
Indeed, the act of metaprogramming may be the ultimate benchmark of a conscious system - I metaprogram, therefore I am.
-James Kent
by electroshaman July 06, 2004

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