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1. Coolest mother fucker in the world.
2. A guy who all the girls like.
3. Always wears yellow.
4. W.O.W. player.
5. A guy who always has your back and you have his too.
6. Best man when you get married.
7. A guy who has the same tattoo as you.
8. Someone you've been friends with for a really long time.
9. Like a brother.
Examples 1 and 2.

Me: "hey have you seen my Kolibas."
Some really hot girls: "After he made out with us he went that way."

Example 5.
Some big ass dude: "im gonna kill you."
Me: "hang on let me call my Kolibas."
by electricmonkey08 April 13, 2009
the Staples by your school in which you use their bathroom to participate in illegal things such as smoking drinking or sex.

2:20 schools out time for the staple's bathroom!
by electricmonkey08 April 13, 2009

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