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Mental Illness that is hard to understand. It is NOT a split-personality, and it does NOT include alter-egos. That is personality disorder/schizophrenia. When you are manic, it is the equivalent of being high. Its like driving very very fast without brakes. You usually cannot see that you are manic, and it really pisses you off when someone points it out to you. When you do realize you are manic, its after you've done/said something horrible. At this point, you feel that even if you get back in control, it is too late, you've already fucked up. This feeds the mania, and keeps it going. It is almost impossible to sleep when manic, and you get crazy ideas.

When you are depressed, it is horrible. The whole world is in shades of grey. No one can pull you out of it.

Bipolar should not always be viewed as negative. The way I see it, it is compensation. When someone is extremely smart, creative, or talented, it disrupts the balance in the brain. So, the brain must do something to restore the balance. ADD, Bipolar, Depression, etc. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert E. Lee, Beethoven, Buzz Aldrin, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Isaac Newton, Plato (according to Aristotle), St. Francis, St. John, St. Theresa, Mark Twain, T.S. Eliot, Sigmund Freud, Victor Hugo, I think you get the idea.

Just realize, every gift comes with a curse, and every curse comes with a gift.

If you take medicine, and practice self-control, you can harness your mania and channel it into a talent.
I have Bipolar, but it doesn't define me, and I don't let it control me.
by eleanor-grace April 02, 2008
A term used for a silly, stupid female. Derogatory. Often accompanied with a finger snap in the face and a command. Can be used in a joking manner
Gracie: "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, what was that again?"

Michael: (snap, snap) you Pickadilly whore.
by eleanor-grace March 31, 2008
A person sooo incredibly stupid, the situation calls for not one, but two insults. And not hyphenated. Oh, no. Two in one. To be used only in the most dire of situations, with caution. Don't put it in a sentance with other words, it doesn't belong there.
"Dylan decided to test the electric dog collar. He just ran through the electric fence, and now he's on the ground. I'm pretty sure he isn't breathing."

by eleanor-grace March 31, 2008
One of those girls who has a girl crush on another girl, and who becomes a close friend. They then begin to copy said friend's every move, and change thier appearance to resemble them. The goal of the body snatcher is to become the other girl entirely. Warning signs that a friend is in fact a body snatcher: clinginess, an adoption of one's own personal method of speech, multiple calls from said person, clothing missing from one's closet, the disappearance of one's toenail clippings, and waking up one morning, with the odd sensation that someone has been in the room, to find a chunk of one's hair missing.
"Do you see that girl who follows Stephanie around all the time?"

"Yea, she says Stephanie is her best friend. She dyed her hair to match her yesterday."

"I know, she is a body snatcher if I ever saw one."
by eleanor-grace March 31, 2008
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