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A shortened URL that leads to unexpected content.

That guy tweeted ANOTHER stupid map location instead of a picture of the party!

Stupid FoolURLs!!!
by elcocopeli September 01, 2009
A sudden burst of re-tweets among several followers. Usually in the middle of an unrelated Twitter conversation.
"I had to unfollow that guy because of his rampant tweetkkakery."
by elcocopeli July 21, 2009
Tylenol for whiny bitches.
1st Guy: Ow! My hand hurts.
2nd Guy: Why don't you take some Bilenol?
1st Guy: What's that?
2nd Guy: It's like Tylenol, but for whiny bitches like you.
by elcocopeli July 18, 2009
a fist, a chingaso, a punch from a fist
le daron un punialaso en la cara!
by elcocopeli November 29, 2004
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