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v. To be necessary, appropriate, or proper. This, by the way is NOT SLANG but I at least congratulate you on making a post where you don't mention your favorite foods or should've-been-aborted daughter.

BTW, "behooves me to want to" is a grammatical attrocity.
Andi's numerous nonsensical posts behoove me to vomit.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
Present participle of Tear; To rip apart, to shred in to little bits.
When you stick it in Andi's ass, you don't have to worry about tearin' it up. That chasm of a butthole is already streched all to hell!
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
An affeminate or gay man.

Mexican slang, literally "little butterfly". If you don't believe this definition go to south central LA and shout it at every hombre you see.
Eres mi mariposita (You are my little faggot)
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
A woman whose birth canal has been filled with ejaculate to the point that it cannot contain it any longer, thus it begins to seep or "peek" out.

A state typically reached during unprotected "gang-bang" orgies.
It is like that Ivy rose will grow up to be a Peekie just like her mom Andi.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
Everything posted by Andi, ie senseless definitions that are funny only to her.
I will say it one more time, this site is for defining SLANG terms that are used ON THE STREET. Stupid little inside jokes that only you get do not qualify as such. If you want to keep posting this shit go ahead and start your own blog or website. IT'S NOT THAT HARD you fucking cunt.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
A figure of speech that implies that one laughed so hard that they lost bowel control. Not to be taken literally.
Oh, you came so close! "Peed Myself" could almost be considered slang. But did you define it? No! You just took the opportunity to declare how funny you think you are. Yes, you like fig netwons, you've made that abundently fucking clear, but seiously...Look at my above definition. It tells us what the term means elegantly and concisely, without ever mentioning how clever I am or how cute my girlfriend or child is or what my favorite food it. If you are too fucking stupid to understand the format of this website than I think you have no business on the internet.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
A homosexual man.

Origin: Mexican slang. One of the less offensive ways of calling someone gay (as opposed to, say, 'maricon'). Mexicans see the puma as the most affeminate of the big cats.
Eres pumita (you are a little puma).

Billy wore the Puma track suit to the restaurant, but was baffled by the laughter of the hispanic cooks.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
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