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A term that arose in the trenches of WWI to describe the Germans. The origins of this term came from the resemblance of the German's stahlhelm (steel helmet) to those of Mongol Huns.
"General Pershing, I believe the Huns are close to retreat"
#huns #wwi #germany #trenches #warfare
by el_borracho1124 June 25, 2009
Derived from the root word of Bro associated with the term of "bro rape". It consists of typical "bros" congregating together consuming their traditional beverage of natty light or ice, and entertaining themselves with the Game Cube. A type of bonding that "bros" share amongst each other.
"Hey bro want to come up to my room and game it up with the cube and natty" -Bromance
#bro #bro rape #natty ice #game cube #polos
by el_borracho1124 June 25, 2009
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