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imaginary fruit believed to be grown by illiterate people.

see pineaple
person 1: "what do you do?"
person 2: "I grow pinapples"
person 1: "right..."
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
alternate (wrong) spelling of Pineapple

see pinapple
that pineaple would go great on my peetza
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
Great Canadian singer/songwriter. Only one facial expression. often confused with Great Sex Tapes.
person 1: Did you see the new Ron Sexsmith video?
person 2: heh heh... SEXsmith...
person 1: oh, REAL mature
Mike: great sex tapes?
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
something that has NO BUISNESS being on pizza
"pineapple on pizza is inexcusible"
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
often mispronounced as "Hugh Grant in tea"
"oh, the Hugh Grant in tea of it all!"
by el Sethro March 01, 2005
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